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Sparing technology of implantation of the nail inside tubular bones
is the basis of an internal method

Once installed, the internal device performs lengthening by simple manipulation of the limb. No open wounds means greatly reduced danger of infection as well as improved patient hygiene.

But how is it possible to place and safely fasten the device inside the bone meeting the following conditions:
a) small incisions
b) no damage to joint integrity
c) no trauma to nerves, large blood vessels, and lymph nodes
d) no major cutting of muscle tissue
e) single surgery of short duration with no mistakes

These conditions have been meet with a specially engineered insertion device. This device has brought the internal lengthening method to a new level.

Conducting device is a safe assistant for the surgeon, his pilot.

It is used during the surgery only.

The method used to install this device is complex. The surgeon creates a 3 Dimensional model unique to each patient. By depending upon the insertion device, the Surgeon doesn’t need visual or tactile control to assure accurate placement.

If instrument is directed with help of the conducting device, it gets exactly in the needed place, without touching important anatomical formation.

There is no need in doing big surgical accesses to be sure in the rightness of direction of the tool’s movement. Everything is programmed.

“There is no need in opening the door to enter the room. It is possible to make everything through keyhole”

Because of the high accuracy of this method, blood transfusions are virtually unneeded. By being minimally invasive, scaring is reduced and patient recovery quickened.

Sites of the surgical penetrations