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The internal limb lengthening program.
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(Dr. Dragan)

    The decision to perform surgery is a critical decision both for the patient and the doctor. To make an informed decision, the patient needs a clear understanding of the complexities of limb lengthening. The lengthening process is stressful not only for the muscles and bones, but it also challenges the mental determination and  health of the patient. Psychological maturity is one of the most important criteria for beginning the lengthening program.

    Significant limb lengthening is not an easy process, it is no "walk in the park." It is a challenge both physically and mentally to successfully complete the program. The doctor's role can be compared to an experienced guide in the mountains. He explains that, " I know a way to the summit and I can lead you there." However, the journey is difficult: muscles will be sore. There will be scratches, bruises, and limited mobility. Descent from the top is also a test of individual will and persistence. At the end of the lengthening process, legs will be bent from weariness.  As time passes, you will eventually unbend you legs to their new, full length. Are you ready for this journey? You must weigh the risks of limb lengthening and think it over before making your decision.

    The guide also evaluates the readiness of the novice. Limb lengthening is a practical, not just a theoretical art. In other words, not everyone who wants the operation performed on him can pass the requirements of the program. Therefore the doctor must check the physical health of the patient and also the psychological readiness of the person. The doctor must be confident in the patient's full understanding of all the difficulties of the limb lengthening program.  He must be confident the readiness of the patient "to go on top". Therefore, a preliminary meeting between the patient and the doctor is highly desirable.

    If the patient visits the medical center without the preliminary consultation, then  the patient must understand that there is no guarantee that he will be accepted to the program. The doctor can refuse an operation on the patient after the initial medical tests and the interviews. All charges on trip and medical examinations are born by the patient in such a case. Mutual consent of the patient and the doctor is necessary for the program of lengthening to begin. It is now medically possible to become much taller, but this work requires the joint efforts of both the patient and the doctor. But I want to assure future patients, that the results will be worth the efforts.