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by Bliskunov-Dragan method

Internal device is actuated by clicker (lever) after its implanting

Installation of all the necessary devices is accomplished during one surgery. The actuator for the device (the clicker) is located under the muscles in the pelvis during the procedure and is not noticed by the patient.

The clicker is a telescoping tube that allows itself to be extended as necessary to conform to the patient's movements.

The clicking process is performed by the patient using lateral movements. The patient is usually able to accomplish the clicking by himself or herself and is a painless process it doesn't require medical anesthesia.

The device, the clicker and the screws for their implantation are manufactured of surgical titanium alloy.

The main functions of the internal devices are:

  • Firm and durable fixation of the bone fragments (even without the smallest motions)

  • The Bliskunov device is reliable for greater extensions than most other devices, and in the case of at least one patient with a traumatic leg injury provided a 17 cm extension. The internal device may be compared to a jack (as in an automotive jack). The device has the heavy construction necessary to overcome the resistance of the powerful muscles of the extremities. Powerful and reliable devices are employed by the doctor, which gradually extend the muscle and the bones. The device may be used to lengthen the bones by 12 cm and more. For instance, the hip has 28 main muscles; and an effort of dozens of kilograms  is necessary to stretch them. The forces of muscle resistance act constantly during the lengthening phase and are additional unnatural loads on the bones and the devices over those naturally imposed by body weight. Therefore, after the surgery there is need to compensate for these loads with the use of crutches.

  • Protective function. The Bliskunov internal devices protect the young bone growth by stabilizing the loads during the whole lengthening program. Implanting the device inside of the bone allows a faster recovery and recuperation without the risk of losing the gains in length achieved due to compressing of the new and soft bone.

The photographs and the X-rays of the patients before and after the lengthening program are seen below.

Tibias before surgery

Process of lengthening


Additional information about the internal method is available at the website: