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Implantation internal nails inside of the tibia is a new internal method that can be used for the correction of curved or deformed bones.

The main advantage of this method is comfort of the patient.

The entire program of the surgical procedure takes approximately 7-10 days.

1st day - Preoperative medical testing.

2nd day - Simultaneous surgery for both tibias.

3rd and 4th days - postoperative recuperation and the beginning of walking with the use of crutches.

Beginning with the 5th and 6th days the patient may choose to remain in the hospital or move to an apartment in the city. After the 7th day it is possible for the patient to return to their home.  In this case the stitches may be removed by their doctor at home. The usage of crutches is necessary for approximately 60 days after the surgery.

Surgical correction of the deformed bones is an accomplished by cutting the bone and fixation of its fragments in  the correct position. As a result, the axis of the bones are straightened, resulting in the limb length increases of approximately 1 cm.

The nails are produced of surgical titanium alloy. Their diameter is 9.0 mm. The length is 15 - 17 cm.

The main functions of the internal nails:
1. Creation of proper conditions for the fusing of the bone and fixation of the bone fragments.  This provides for compression at the site of the correction of the defect allowing better fusing.
2. Protection of the bone in postoperative period.

Internal nails do not hinder the patient or limit the patient's movements. The patient can shower and swim in the pool as soon as the stitches are out. The nails can be removed in 5 - 6 months. This surgery is short and takes only 15 - 20 min.

The method of correction and results of its usage are shown below