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Dragan Vladimir M.D., DMSc
1963 - 2011

   An outstanding scientist, one of inventors of the intra-osseous distraction osseosynthesis method of Bliskunov-Dragan.

Dr. Dragan created advanced design of the internal method and its application:

  • highly reliable new mechanisms for internal devices;
  • innovative conductive device to precisely implantation of the devices into the femur or tibia;
  • completely new internal devices for the tibias (shanks);
  • unique set of surgical tools for sparing surgery.
These new improvements have lifted the method to a new quality level.

V.Dragan is an author of more than 70 scientific works and 22 inventions. Doctor of Medical Science.
  • Since 1984 began working with professor Bliskunov as assistant
  • Since 1986 till 1988 – Kherson city regional hospital, traumatilogy and orthopaedy department - improvement of qualifications in Ilizarov method
  • Since 1988 till 2000 years – the leading expert of traumatology and orthopaedy faculty of Krimskiy Medical University named after S.I. Georgievky, authority of scientific research laboratory in problems of  tubular bones lengthening using completely implantated devices
  • 1995 – defence of scientific thesis and receiving the academic rank. The subject of the thesis: “Simultaneous lengthening of both femurs using completely Implantated guided Bliskunov devices”. (Moscow city, Central Scientific Research Traumatology and Orthopaedy Institute, Supervisor – prof. Bliskunov)
  • Consultant of command of the National Football League
  • Since 2000 – began working in the scientific production organization “Kievmedstroy”
  • Since 2002 – the Head of medical center BONAMED, Kiev
  • 2010 – The dissertation for competition of the doctor of medical science degree "LENGTHENING OF THE LONG BONES OF LOWER EXTREMITIES WITH THE DRIVE INTRA-OSSEOUS DEVICES"
  • Since 2011 – General Director of a Crimea University Clinics, head of the polytrauma centre, head of scientific unit of traumatology and orthopedics of the Crimea Medical University